The Lure of Lagos

The lure of Lagos is not just in the name. It’s in everything from the bar around the corner to the memories preserved in Badagry. It’s in the country of voices on radio to the constant grind to outdo oneself. It’s in the squad car metres away, and all the things that reward curiosity and daring.

Destination Lagos is a convergence of delightful, rewarding experiences. The enablers of these experiences, like magnets, draw people to the wonderful attraction that is Lagos. They deserve the loudest accolades for continually creating magic.

The Award Process

  • Check our longlist
  • Nominate only if not on the list
  • Vote (Will open after nominations)
  • Gala (Stay tuned for more info)

Statement of integrity

The public is the ultimate judge of quality. The nominees of the public choice awards emerge through exhaustive research, and the public decides the winners through votes.

Because TDA Lagos aims to raise the bar of professional service and eliminate bias, the votes will be collated and verified by a third party—a reputable consulting firm.