We did not start creating top-class content today.

Our journey began in 2006 with What’s Inside Lagos, a magazine that in 13 editions sold Lagos State to itself and foreigners. We married the public with the private, exploring government programmes as well as Destination Lagos.

From there, we delved deeper into the South-West, creating Enjoy Ondo and Ekiti Renewal in the process. We grew in confidence and then took up the whole of Nigeria, creating Enjoy Nigeria, a compendium of destinations in all 36(+1) states of the country.

(We even managed, with some help, to create a Nigeria-centric TV quiz show.)

In Ondo State, we discovered the secret to sustainable tourism and successful destinations. That secret birthed The Destination Awards.


TDA Lagos is endorsed by the Lagos State Government

We have secured important corporate and media partnerships

The public is the ultimate judge of quality service. The nominees of the public choice awards emerge through exhaustive research, and the public decides the winners through online voting.

Because TDA Lagos aims to raise the bar of service and eliminate bias, votes will be collated and verified by a third party—a reputable, top-tier consulting firm.

We will neither solicit nor accept inducement to skew results. We couldn’t even manage it if we tried. See directly above.

The special recognition awards are non-voting awards. However, we will collaborate with relevant experts to ensure that recipients of the awards are truly deserving.

Partner with Us

There are 99 reasons to partner with us, but let’s kick off with 5.


We take great pride in pushing integrated tourism—after all, that’s the entire point of The Destination Awards. This tourism is underpinned by a functioning society in which there is a responsible synergy between public and private sectors, as well as by well-trained and well-informed players in tourism and tourism support industries. By associating with us, you are contributing to a better functioning society, which shows up in your bottom lin


Our platform is completely uncontroversial. Ok, maybe a little. But there’s a lot more to be said for being associated with arguments over whose hospital or school or bar or restaurant is the best than who didn’t do what to whom in the bathroom. On camera. All publicity might be publicity, but squandering brand equity over a choice of association is a thing too. Partnering with us means feeding off only big, positive vibes.


TDA is an original innovation that rewards

and promotes only the best experiences.

And who doesn’t want to be associated

with the cream of the crop?


We’ve built TDA to maximize public

involvement. Partnering with us means

you can exploit the extent of our reach.


In the age of content marketing, leveraging

on our expertise in creating premium quality

content is a winning move, provided you make it.


More than 30 awards are available

to be won over 2 broad categories.

The People’s choice Awards and

The Special Recognition Awards.


Nominees for the People’s Choice Awards must have been operating in their industry for at least a year and in the year of nomination

Voting Process

First of all, you, the public, can only vote in the People’s Choice awards. And to that end, our nominee list has been compiled by painstaking research. Still, if you notice your favorites are absent from the list, you can nominate them.


Voting begins only after nominations have closed. The voting itself is straightforward: simply choose the best in any category, and hope others agree with you.

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